The Activities of the Foundation

The founder’s and his allies life experiences, their individual contacts and exceptional profiles characterise the activities of the foundation. International understanding and stabilisation of civil societies are key-aspects of the Schwarz-Schilling foundation. The point of focus of the previous activities in practice lays in the field of supporting development and prosperity in China by measures taken for the peaceful co-existence of the peoples (in particular, of Tibetans and Chinese). Also associated with this is the strengthening of the investment security for foreign investors and increasingly irresolvable bonds between China and the Western democracies.


  • Scientific Expertise

Development of various conceptual and counselling papers; among others, from 2002 until 2004, promotion of the development of a comprehensive autonomous status for Tibet in co-operation with experts in international law of Bonn University.


  • Counselling

Counselling in politics, institutions, and businesses.


  • Conferences

Since 2005, annual conferences have taken place with international representatives of science and politics.


  • Networking

Contact to and exchange of information with numerous associations, foundations and political protagonists who are associated with international understanding.


  • Information

Research and analysis of information that is useful for the development of recommendations for decision makers in politics and economy.